City chess tournament in AIS
In honor of Cosmonautics Day on April 13, Alabuga International School for the first time held a chess tournament at the city level together with the Department of Education of Yelabuga for preschool children from 5 years old.

20 boys and 16 girls took part in the tournament.

The strongest minds,

talented children competed to prove that "the main thing is the struggle, the education of one's character, and success will definitely come if you constantly

work on chess and truly love it"

(С) Mr Karpov A.E., grandmaster, international master on chess.

After five rounds, our students Ms Dilyara Kashapova (Grade 2, 7 years old) and Mr Salih Zainullin (Grade 3, 7 years old) became the winners of the tournament in singles. Also, the team of our students took first place in the team event. The chief referee of the tournament was the master of sports of Yelabuga in chess Mr Ilnar Valikhanov.

The chess lesson is included in the structure of the school schedule to promote the development of strategic thinking and logical actions.

We are proud of our winners and continue to build their potential to demonstrate results at higher level competitions!