A child needs to feel safe in order to thrive, develop, and learn to their potential in order to enter adulthood. All children have the right to feel safe.

The territory of the Alabuga International School is guarded by a private security company with a pass regime and video surveillance on the outer perimeter and inside the school. To enter the territory it is necessary to issue a pass through the school administration and provide identity documents at the checkpoint.

During outdoor activities, children are also on the fenced and secured territory. There is a special vehicle for field trips.

At AIS we believe in supporting all aspects of each child's development and learning, as well as keeping children safe. We recognise that emotional and social aspects provide the foundation for all academic learning: if a child cannot understand, express or cope with their emotions, they will not be able to focus on learning, share anything with other children or resolve conflicts on a daily basis.


Stay Safe lessons are an important part of our school's curriculum and we run them once every module to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our pupils.

The aim of these lessons is to provide pupils with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to navigate different situations and make informed decisions to protect themselves and others. These lessons are delivered by experts in their fields.

Stay Safe lessons cover a range of topics related to personal safety, health and internet safety.

Training on behaviour in emergency situations

The school regularly organises inspections of the technical condition of equipment and the preparedness of staff and students for emergencies, such as fire and the threat of a terrorist attack. Such drills are organised several times a year. The school has the right not to notify the parents and legal representatives of the child of the plans for the drills because of the need to take into account the psychological state of the child in emergency situations and the need to develop the behavioural skill of responding correctly to emergencies.
In order to keep the school safe, staff and students are governed by policies: