Full name: Joint Stock Company "Special Economic Zone of Industrial-Production Type "Alabuga"

Abbreviated name: SEZ IPT Alabuga Joint Stock Company

Date of opening of the school: 1 September 2014

Legal address: 423601, Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Elabuga district, 4/1, ul. Sh-2 (Territory of SEZ "Alabuga").
School location: 1 Nord Drive St., Elabuga, 423600, Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Yelabuga city.
Location of branches: no branches

Phone number: +7 (85557) 5 90 75
E-mail address:


Monday – Friday — 7:00–19:00

Saturday — Sunday — closed

Контакты Международной школы Алабуга
CEO of the SEZ «Alabuga» - Timur Shagivaleev
Head of SEZ «Alabuga» Educational Cluster (Head of School) - Elvira Fomina

Form of education
Full-time education. The school provides pre-school and further education services. Children from the age of 7 are transferred to a family form of education with attachment to MBOU "Gymnasium No. 4" of the city of Yelabuga for the annual intermediate certification. Based on the results of certification, a statement of the results of intermediate certification is issued. Following the completion of the training program, a certificate of basic general education is issued by MBOU "Gymnasium No. 4" of the city of Yelabuga. After each level of study, students receive an International Baccalaureate certificate.
Language of education
English is the language of education at Alabuga International School for all grades.

During STEM subjects: Maths, Physics, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Robotics, Flexible Skills English is the compulsory language, while for other subjects (Engineering, Chess, PE) English is the preferred language.

Details of the language policy can be found below under ' Main Policies'.

AIS Licence

Main Policies
Educational Programmes