Alabuga International School always relies on its values in its activities.

  • Competitiveness
  • Honesty

  • Optimism
  • Leadership
  • International mindedness

  • Team and collaboration
  • Integrity of thoughts, beliefs and actions

In July 2022, Alabuga International School was accredited by the CIS Council of International Schools.

  • Provide leadership
    We use our collective knowledge and expertise to guide others. Together we achieve more. We inspire each other to broaden our horizons and perspectives, always looking for new ideas and innovations that enable us to act in a progressive and meaningful way.
  • Be principled
    Our guiding principles are based on the definition of global citizenship. These principles form a strong foundation that inspires and motivates our members to actively promote international education and intercultural perspectives.
  • Challenge yourself and others
    We are open to new perspectives and look ahead to gain new insights. Our natural curiosity challenges routine thinking and keeps us focused on growth and development.
  • The value of diversity
    We embrace ideas, cultures and connections from all corners of the world, making diverse views and opinions a source of inspiration that enriches every member of our community.