AIS strives to attract motivated students from diverse backgrounds who are well suited to our educational programs. We actively seek students and families that share vision, mission, and core values. Students admitted to AIS are expected to be active contributors and are time ready for local and global challenges.

While AIS takes into consideration various criteria in admitting students, no individuals or groups of people will receive exclusive treatment or consideration at the time of admissions.

Age requirements and placement levels

PYP Early Ages:
Pre-Kindergarten - 2-3 years old
Kindergarten 1 - 3-4 years old
Kindergarden 2 - 4-5 years old
Grade 1 - 5-6 years old
Primary Years Programme:
Grade 2 - 6-7 years old
Grade 3 - 7-8 years old (first year of general education)
Grade 4 - 8-9 years old
Grade 5- 9-10 years old
Grade 6 - 10-11 years old
Middle Years Programme:
Grade 7 - 11-12 years old
Grade 8 - 12-13 years old
Grade 9 - 13-14 years old
Grade 10 - 14-15 years old
Grade 11 - 15-16 years old

Admission procedure

Admissions procedures are administered by the Head of the school and IB coordinators along with AIS teachers. Admissions procedures are conducted during the academic year and summer holidays. Admission of children from the age of 5 years is carried out after assessing the level of English and mathematics, as well as an interview with a psychologist. Children under 5 are admitted to school after an interview with a psychologist.

Registration for testing is carried out using the form of feedback on the official website, e-mail, or by phone + 7 (85557) 5-90-75. The territory of Alabuga International School is protected with a valid access control. To sign up for the tour and test, you must provide identification documents.


Knowledge of English language must be in accordance with Grade level:

  • Grade 1-3 - Pre-Intermediate level of different phase
  • Grade 4-6 - Intermediate level of different phase
  • Those applying for the Middle years programme are supposed to demonstrate outstanding knowledge of English

Math abilities are assessed in accordance with Cambridge math

Interview by psychologist in order to gain an insight into the student’s skills and knowledge, level of socialization, motivation and readiness for education.

The decision on admission will depend, among other things, on a number of advantages, but none of them will determine the final decision on admission and/or distribution by class:

Students transferring from another international school

Families employed by Special Economic Zone ‘Alabuga’

Winners of State and World Olympiads/contests/conferences on math and chess

After admission procedure:

Upon completion of the admission procedure, the parents will be informed of the results immediately. In case of a positive decision, information on the conditions for concluding a training contract is provided.

Form of education

Full-time education

Educational documents

The school provides pre-school and further education services. Children from the age of 7 are transferred to a family form of education with attachment to MBOU "Gymnasium No. 4" of the city of Yelabuga for the annual intermediate certification. Based on the results of certification, a statement of the results of intermediate certification is issued. Following the completion of the training program, a certificate of basic general education is issued by MBOU "Gymnasium No. 4" of the city of Yelabuga. After each level of study, students receive an International Baccalaureate certificate.