Kid Inventions’ Day
Every year on January 17, Kid Inventors’ Day is celebrated around the world. It is established to encourage children to take an interest in the world around them and to use their creativity in dealing with important issues of life. Young geniuses are honored on this day.
The date of the Day is chosen as the birthday of one of the outstanding diplomat, scientist, inventor, journalist Benjamin Franklin, who presented his first invention at the age of 12. And it was a pair of flippers for swimming that were worn on his hands.

AIS also decided to celebrate the day on January 20. The students did research, refined existing inventions and presented entirely new work that no child had ever done before.

Below you can see a full list of the students' works:

Almaev Radmir (Grade 2) - Ecological table lamp
Nizametdinov Faiz (Grade 2) - River bridge for the fast transportation of goods.
Puzyrkov Makar (Grade 3) - Skill-game for the voice assistant "Alice" "Journey around Tatarstan by car”
Vissarion Alekseyev (Grade 3) - Model of drone
Moseychuk Semyon (Grade 4) - Stand for felt-tip pens, protecting them from drying out.
Mark Shastin (Grade 4) - Model of a traffic light made of Lego, regulating the movement of cars with the help of light bulbs.
Frolov Ilan (Grade 5) - Luminous helmet ensuring safe movement in the dark.
Zinovieva Yelizaveta (Grade 6) - Research on extracting sugar from a banana.
David Andreev and Karim Seitaliev (Grade 7) - Tesla coil.
Yeremin Alexey (Grade 7) - Research on the decomposition of plastic using Zophobas morio larvae.
Nariman Shafikov (Grade 10) - Model of a gearbox created with Tetrix.
Grade 1 - Biodegradable packaging.
Kindergarten 2 - Sorter for Lego.