The Republican Robotics Olympiad at Innopolis University
On May 15, our students participated in the Republican Robotic Olympiad at Innopolis University.

A team of students Shafikov Nariman (Grade 9) and Maulin Anvar (Grade 7) under the leadership of the coordinator of robotics Maxim Nikitin

took second place in the middle creative category.

As a result of the competition, the guys will go to defend the honor of the school and the Republic of Tatarstan at the Russian Robotic Olympics in Nizhny Novgorod in July.

Also, two more teams in the main category of the younger age group took part from the school.

The team of David Andreev (Grade 6) and Dmitry Krainov (Grade 7) scored 53 points in their best attempt and took 7th place out of 16.

The youngest participant from the school, Arseniy Islamov, demonstrated his experience in the field of mobile robotics.