AIS continues to develop it's strategy with the new Director
Сегодня было официальное знакомство с новым руководством Международной школы "Алабуга". Теперь директором является Эльвира Фомина.

The General Director of SEZ Alabuga Timur Shagivaleev presented the head.

Elvira has a pedagogical education and has been working in Alabuga for 12 years. During this time, she declared herself as a real leader and changed the position of head of the resident administration Department. She is well acquainted with the values and mission of the company and is ready to further implement the plans and strategy of the school: "to become the best school implementing early development programs of engineering thinking, approved by world manufacturers. Graduates

creating technologies that change the world."

Today AIS occupies a leading position in the country, as it has implemented the best educational programmes. Children learn the STEM program from a young age. The school has already achieved great success in the implementation of the strategy and continues its development.

"The mission of the school is to raise competitive, happy, confident, thinking and making independent decisions citizens of the world, corresponding to local and global technological and temporal challenges" - said Timur Shagivaleev.