Final day of AIS Summer Campus
Summer Campus 2020 at Alabuga International School has come to its end and today hosted its last day.

AIS students and 40 student representatives from Yelabuga public schools have experienced a myriad of benefits from competing in Team Leadership Games (later on- TLG), from developing team building and leadership skills to honing physical, intellectual and strategic thinking skills.

This Summer Campus has witnessed students’ overly intense focus on the goal of success. Students discovered the challenges of both winning and defeat as well.

According to the results of the games, the places were distributed as follows:

The First League team “Argon" won the first place, the second place of the same league was awarded to the team "Neon“.

Final winners of the Second League were ”Chromium" and “Iron”.

Project presentation followed afterwards where students demonstrated their researches in chemistry, biology, robotics, mathematics during these two weeks and revealed to be true engineers.
Participants received memorable prizes from our school. The absolute winners of AIS TLG Campus 2020 the team of “Argon” received “AIS Golden ticket” for the trip to the Special Economic Zone “Alabuga” and had awards dinner with the head of the Alabuga International School.