Great ideas start with small

AIS hosted an exhibition of student projects

On June 25 Alabuga International School hosted an exhibition of projects of primary school students – PYP Exhıbıtıon.

IB PYP Exhibition is a significant and culminating event of inquiry activity in primary school. The students conduct personal and group projects that enable them to demonstrate their potential, skills and expertise in inquiries. The projects are represented as the solution to real problems and challenges of the local or global scale that contain studies based on data collection or empathy,

economic assessment, innovation/inventive, scientific and technological component.

7 projects were presented at the exhibition:

1. "Vertical Greenhouse in a Flat is no longer a dream”. A greenhouse that allows you to grow plants all year round and is equipped with a special lamp and an automatic water supply system.

2. “A healthy snack during the day will keep AIS students active, hooray!”. The student presented programmed robot that delivers healthy snacks without any contacts.

3. “ How automation can ease human’s action against flooding? ” Students presented an automated water gathering system.

4."#Animalslivesmatter, high technology for animal safety " the project aims to increase the animal population with special "box houses" that increase the safety of their lives.

5. ”Sustainable boats as the future solution to water pollution”. Suggested solution can be achieved thanks to an invented boat that collects garbage while floating in the water.

6. "SSCS: how STEM stops Covid spread". The students identified the main source of the virus and presented an automatic tool for issuing protection against infection.

7. "Reduction, reuse, recycling" which addresses the problem of recycling and reuse of garbage.

After the presentation of the projects, the CEO of Kastamonu Integrated Wood Industries in Russia, Ali Kilic, teachers of Alabuga International School presented their commencement speech for the graduates. Awarding ceremony with graduation certificates has summarized students presentation.

At the end of the celebration, children threw their academic caps, honoring a new important stage of their school journey.