Pi day
While in Russia this Sunday people celebrate Maslenitsa, math lovers sing praises to the π number.

Physicists invented by this holiday and chosen the day of March 14 for the reason: if you write down the date of this day in American format ( indicate first the month and after the date), you will see 3/14. It's equal to the first numbers of Pi or 3.14.

Another curious fact is in this day was born Albert Einstein - the creator of the relativity theory! We wanted to celebrate this day too and organized math day on this Friday.The guys competed on the QUIZIZZ platform with students from the Podar Ort International School, India. Out of 30 participants from both sides, Timur Uguz gave most of the right answers and brought too our school first place.Two other AIS students entered the top five.

Also, on the school forum passed the tournament at the mental math on the Math-Drills platform.

The list of winners:

1 place - Ella Oktem

2 place - Nariman Shafikov

3 place - David Andreev