School council election results
This is a new direction of our school development. On the 3rd of February our first student council was elected and sworn in.

The opportunity to run for president, vice president and media manager was announced with a list of responsibilities and rights of these positions at the end of January. The students had time to evaluate themselves as potential candidates and come up with electoral campaigns. The bravest ones hung posters with their photo and text describing their hobbies, personality, and also strategic plans. For example, to publish a school newspaper twice per month. Mark Semivolkov is going to carry out this idea, relying on his observation and nterest in school life, and experience of writing articles in a children's camp.

On the 1st of February, we had a debate where the candidates asked each other questions, as well as giving answers to student voters. But first the candidates presented a video about themselves and also confirmed their knowledge of the strategy, mission, and vision of our school.

According to the results of fair and open voting, candidates from grade 8 gained the largest number of votes and took all the positions of the first school council.

Ela Oktem became President.

Vice-President is Sophiya Suldina.

The media manager is Mark Semivolkov.

I’m so happy! It was unexpected. When I knew the results I understood that the students made the right choice. I’m responsible and I can be a leader for everyone. I want to make more festivals and make students happier.” - said the winner of the election Ela Oktem.

The school elections laid the foundation for civic initiative and social engagement. The students learned in practice the right to vote and the opportunity to influence through it, they have felt the responsibility of choice and understood how a democratic system of governing society works like.

Besides, the election to the school council helped the candidates to show themselves from another side: manifest their leadership and organizational skills, a creative spirit, and explore an unusual approach.