Team Leadership Games

Today, on June 18, 2020 our school hosted the final competitions in team leadership tournaments as it is high time to sum up all the results of the 2019-2020 academic year. Team leadership tournaments serve a tool to boost up management skills and strategic thinking of our students at Alabuga International school.

Pioneerball, math games in Lumosity, programming, and Robo battles are competitions where students improve their skills. Every child, having experienced being a team captain, can try a role of a manager. This helps a student to understand the importance of team unity for the sake of a common success, urges to be aware of the responsibility for decisions and their impact on the result.

According to the results of the games held throughout the year, the places were distributed as follows:

The team of “Helium" won the first place in the First League among Grade 5 - Grade 7 students, the second place was awarded to the team of Argon, the third place was taken by the team of Xenon.

In the Second League, among students of Grade 2 - Grade 4, the first place was awarded to the team of Iron, Titanium team took the second place, and finally the third place was awarded to the team of Chromium.

In the Begginers League among KG 1- Grade 1 students, the team of Rubidium was awarded with the first place, the team of Cesium received the second place, and the team of Hydrogen got third place.

MBA kids to kids” session finalized the tournaments, where the captains shared the secrets of success and instructions to their teams.

The winners from each league received the School Cup, which, in accordance with the emerging tradition, will be passed on in the upcoming tournaments.