The International Earth’s Day
The International Earth’s Day was celebrated by Alabuga International School’s students through approaches of Sustainable development goals.

Representatives of Academy of Youth Diplomacy (Kazan) told about the main goals of sustainable development which include:

*efficient use of water resources and sanitation by everyone; access to low-cost, reliable, sustainable and modern energy resources for everyone;

*creation of resistant infrastructure, contribution to widespread industrialization and implementing innovations;

*creation of well-minded consumption and production models;

*well keeping of life belong water (saving oceans, sees and see resources) etc.

How looks like a city with rational minded ratio of working places and educational institutions?

How can a town impact positive climate changes on the whole planet? How do the cities solve problems of waste disposal and usage of renewable energy resources? Students got answers on these and many other questions by presenting their projects with regard to IB learner features – caring, thinker, open-minded, social active person who is able to make the life in the World better through creating technologies.