The winners of chess tournament

Happy Wednesday! Today the results were read out for the best chess players of the January-June 2020 period. The head of the Alabuga International School awarded these young chess players and wished everyone success in the very first tournament of this new academic year.

Our school grows up together with the students, and now we mature enough for another league called mittelspiel. In chess terminology, this means the middle of the game. Under this name, we define the members of the league not as beginners, but not yet as professional. Students will have to hone their skills in attack and defense, as well as positional maneuvering. But this is all ahead, for now, we will announce the list of today's winners in the senior league "Excelsior":

1 place – Sophiya Suldina (Grade 8)

2 place - Mansur Bikbulatov (Grade 5)

3 place - Kamil Tazutdinov (Grade 7)

In the minor league "E2-E4":

1 place - Amiliya Siraeva (Grade 4)

2 place - Urazman Shafikov (Grade 4)

3 place - Milana Ignatieva (Grade 4)

We congratulate and wish students always make the right move on the chessboard and in life!