AIS held a quest dedicated to the Day of Cosmonautics

The Cosmonautics Day is celebrated in Russia in honour of the first human space flight. On 12 April 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made a historic flight in the Vostok spacecraft.

This day became a symbol of the victory of Soviet cosmonautics and the space programme, as well as a landmark event in world history.

How did AIS students spend this day? Very informative and extremely interesting.

A space-themed quest was organised on the playground for the junior school students. The children helped the astronauts to assemble the parts of the ship so that they could return home after the shipwreck. In a playful way, pupils learnt about the parts of the spaceship (fuselage, control cabin, engine, wings) and the main staff (mechanic, engineer, pilot, captain).

And for PYP students, MYP students prepared various stations where students learnt a lot about the first space flights, Earth satellites, the Moon and moonwalkers, the Energia-Buran project, missions to Mercury and Venus, and beyond the solar system.

Gagarin's flight epitomised the dream of conquering space, inspiring millions of people around the world. To this day, it inspires AIS students to grasp new things and look far beyond the horizon.