Pioneers, horns and Soviet lemonade: how AIS celebrated Children's Day

On 31 May, AIS held events dedicated to the International Children's Day. Not only students and teaching staff, but also parents took part in the celebration. The theme of the celebration was the pioneer organisation, so the children were dressed accordingly: white shirt, cap and red tie.

In the morning, the young students from Pre-K-Grade 2 were told about the history of the holiday and its significance by the primary school coordinator Miss Ksenia. The AIS students were explained that all children on the planet have the right to play, learn, make friends and be happy. According to teachers, every year on the first day of summer, the holiday reminds adults how important it is to care for and protect children.

Older students, grades 3-10, then joined the activities. Social studies teacher Mr Gennady shared the history of education development in the USSR.
The most colourful event awaited the guys in the evening. A large-scale charity fair opened on the territory of the AIS football field and stretched across the entire sports arena. Before it started, students of the international school in the guise of pioneers lined up to face their parents and guests. After that, Elvira Fomina, Head of Administration of the Educational Cluster of SEZ ‘Alabuga’, took the welcoming speech. She wished the children happiness and commanded them to sing the pioneer song ‘Childhood’.

After performing a musical composition, the students went to their stations to show who was the most successful entrepreneur. Among the goods were self-made dishes and handmade products. In addition, guests were treated to Soviet lemonade and ice cream.

Also adults could remember their childhood and play classics, jump in the ‘rezinochka’ or jump rope.

It is noteworthy that the guests of the fair had to pay for the goods with special currency, which was issued by the AIS bank in exchange for roubles.

All proceeds from the fair will go to charity. Thus, the money will go to the rehabilitation of 9-year-old Matvei Zuev, who is recovering from leg length correction. The school representatives will also buy special food and medicines for 6-year-old Vika Tarasova, who cannot walk and is fed through a gastrostomy.