Alabuga International School held events dedicated to the Kids' Inventions Day

Child ingenuity and creativity are of great importance for the well-being of society, and stimulating their development among children helps create the conditions for innovation and advanced technologies in the future.

A lot of the products you know today were invented by children! Fruit Ice Cream was created by Frank Epperson at age 11, and furry headphones were created by Chester Greenwood at age 15. Louis Braille created a new language for the blind known as braille as a teenager.

Kids' Invention Day is celebrated to recognize and support the creativity of children and young people in science, technology and innovation. The day focuses on the importance of stimulating their interest in invention, fostering creativity and encouraging their efforts in creating new ideas and solutions.

AIS also held events to celebrate the day. By celebrating Kids' Invention Day, we show our support and inspire children to develop their talents and abilities to innovate.

On January 17, MYP students met online with Oleg Feigenson, Ph.D., Chief Engineer at the Global Research Center of Samsung Electronics (Suwon, South Korea). Students asked questions about the peculiarities of working in engineering, his inventive approach and his career path.

And on January 22, students presented prototypes of unique inventions they developed themselves as part of STEM education.

STEM-coordinator, Mr. Konstantin acted as a patent expert, evaluated the projects and issued certificates of acceptance of the application for the inventions. Later, the most elaborated projects will be sent for promotion on the School Patent platform.
Submitted prototypes of AIS 2024 student inventions
Yana A. (KG2) «3D printer for space»
Arslan G. (KG2) «Water Saving Filter (WSF-1)»
Alexander К. (KG2) «A sweeper cleaner»
Ekaterina Е. (Grade 1) «Grabbing or Helping hand»
Kamil B. (Grade 3) «Mini table ball game»
Vissarion А. (Grade 4) «A device that accelerates a spaceship to the speed of light»
Leisan G. (Grade 5) «Water Clock»
Valeria К. (Grade 5) «Underground passage for animals»
Safiya B. (Grade 5) «Bridge for animals»
Mark Sh. (Grade 5) «An automatic animal crossing»
Ilan F. (Grade 6) «Motion sensor for wild animals»
Viktoria B. (Grade 8) «Method of plant protection against pests using biomaterial-based coatings»