Winning of the National Robotics Championship "Krasnoyarsk 5.0"

Congratulations to the Alabuga International School team on winning the National Robotics Championship "Krasnoyarsk 5.0" in the direction "League of Solutions", which is based on friendly competition!

Sixty-one teams from 53 regions of Russia took part in this area. The AIS team became the winner in the nomination "For Motivation". Once again the students proved themselves as leaders.

The team was engaged in research, problem solving, programming and engineering activities - designing and programming a LEGO® robot to fulfil the missions of the Robot Game. An Innovation Project was also prepared to identify and solve a current world problem. The theme of the finals was "The Treasure of the Subsoil". The organisers put everything related to mining into this theme.

The team consisted of Aylin, Vlada and Valeria - Grade 8, and Almaz, Artur and Anvar - Grade 9. In the Innovation Project, they developed a robot that helps to preserve the environment. The idea behind the robot was that in the event of an oil spill when transporting or extracting oil, it would come to the site and dump a unique composition of activated carbon, perlite and vermiculite. This helps break up the oil film that forms on the ground. Subsequently, microorganisms will be able to recycle this mixture of oil and these chemicals.

Our school participated in the National Robotics Championship for the second time. We wish this tradition to continue, because participation in such events gives us the opportunity to improve our skills in robotics and creativity, and trains our teamwork skills.