SHARING TO PARENTS based on the results of 3-4 research units

On 19 and 20 March at Alabuga International School a presentation of Sharing to parents projects based on the results of 3-4 research units for KG 1 - Grade 10 was held.

Each of the two 12-week research units at AIS culminates in a Sharing to Parents event, which gives students the opportunity to implement a project of their interest in line with the school's STEM strategy.

This time, over 25 engineering, personal and group projects were presented. Parents saw such projects as an electric lighting panel, a frequency converter to control the speed and direction of rotation of an induction motor, 3D photography, an alginate glove, a communications timeline, an oxygen generator, a heated roof, and many others. The students did not just present the end result, but also shared the history of creation and the stages of project development.

Parents also learnt about the students' learning outcomes and further areas of development for the near future during the student conference.