Start in Science: AIS student's research published in the scientific journal

Nicole Guryanova has developed thermal labels based on inorganic salts of cobalt and nickel to detect temperatures

The research of Nicole Guryanova, an 11-year-old student of Alabuga International School, has been published in the scientific journal for schoolchildren Start in Science. The topic of her research paper is Thermochemical paint: creation of paints capable of changing color once when the temperature rises and thus indicating the possible spoilage of medicines inside thermal containers.

During the project, Nicole conducted a study of color change temperatures of pigments based on inorganic salts of cobalt and nickel. So, in practice, under the guidance of science teacher Alexander Buldakov, the student developed thermal stickers that demonstrated irreversible color change at a single exceeding of a given temperature.

According to the Nicole's curator, such thermal stickers can be useful for monitoring the condition of various equipment and controlling the quality of transportation of medical products. In addition, they can work without power, are safe, quite cheap and easy to use - you just need to stick them on and watch the color.

The full research can be found via the following link.
Alexander Buldakov:
«The essence of the stickers is a one-time color change. For example, if during transportation of medicines the temperature has exceeded the maximum permissible values, the sticker will inform you about it. Thanks to these indicators you can determine the validity of the transported medicines».
As a reminder, Alabuga International School is an authorized International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) school. In the final grade of PYP (Grade 6) students have to defend an individual or group project. Due to the school's implementation of the concept of STEM education, primary school project defense must be related to research in science, biotechnology, engineering or robotics.