Alabuga International School hosted a team-leading tournament in foot combat

Pupils of preschool educational institutions of Yelabuga took part in the tournament

We congratulate the winners of the tournament and wish them new achievements!


1st place - Rahim Z. (MBDOU No16)

2nd place - Radmir M. (MBPDOU No30)

3rd place - Artemiy G. (MBPDOU No 18)
3rd place - Nurlat G. (MBDOU No 20).


1st place - Regina I. (MBDOU No 26)

2nd place - Vasilisa S. (AIS)

3rd place - Ekaterina E. (AIS)
3rd place - Saida A. (MBDOU No 34)
In the team competition the 1st place was taken by MBPDOU No 26, 2nd place - Alabuga International School,
3rd place - MBDOU No 30.

A total of 33 children from 16 preschool institutions took part in the tournament.
You can see the full photo report in our VKontakte group.